“Five songs in five languages, from light-hearted humor to heavy-minded contemplation, with impeccable diction, concise rhythm and exemplary intonation, it was a tour de force of choral virtuosity.”
Rob Rhein

South Bend Tribune

“Conductor Menk’s reputation for meticulous preparation and impeccable performance was demonstrated in Benjamin Britten’s Choral Dances from Gloriana and Brahms’ Liebeslieder Waltzes.”
Jay Miller

South Bend Tribune

“Watch for this group next season.”
Jay Miller

South Bend Tribune

“The Chamber Singers specialize in this toughest music… Under conductor Nancy Menk’s spirited direction, though, the rewards more than balance the costs.”
Rob Rhein

South Bend Tribune

“A flawless ensemble and unity of interpretation characterized the performance… ”
Jay Miller

South Bend Tribune


What some audience members have been saying…

The South Bend Chamber Singers is well known for its rich choral sound, its surprising mixture of harmonies and rhythms, its blend of works- old and new.  We highly recommend an evening spent with these talented singers and their director, Dr. Nancy Menk.
Diana and Casey Murray

Crown Point, Indiana

I have attended the Chamber Singers concerts since the beginning, missing very few except during my husband’s illness. It is a wonderful group. You can count on listening to interesting music, difficult music, perfectly performed. Performed by people who obviously enjoy what they are doing, something that adds to the enjoyment of all of us who listen.

I am amazed by the variety of pieces I hear. Nancy is always able to find something new and wonderful. I remember certain concerts particularly—the Messiah years ago, for example, and the more recent performance of James MacMillan’s very complex “Cantos Sagrados” followed by William Hawley’s deceptively simple “In Paradisum”.

Listening to the Chamber Singers has greatly increased my knowledge of music. I had been attending performances of contemporary music, but I knew little (let’s say nothing) about choral music, and listened mainly to orchestral works. I went to the first Chamber Singers concerts to support a colleague. The more I went, the more I became interested in choral music. I found myself reading reviews of choral groups’ performances and recordings, and then of solo performances, and purchasing CDs. I look forward to each new concert, to see which familiar composers are back, and to read about what is new.
The Chamber Singers make a huge contribution to the cultural life here.

Teresa Marcy

South Bend, Indiana

For many years, season tickets to South Bend Chamber Singers concerts have been a priority for us. I am not aware of any other place in Northern Indiana where can we hear superb contemporary choral music. I look forward with anticipation each new season to see what creative programming is in store. The Christmas concerts are essential spiritual experiences for us, and the musical highlight of the holidays. The Chamber Singers are a local treasure which we hope to enjoy for a long time.
Bruce Burmeister

La Porte, Indiana

The South Bend Chamber Singers present one groundbreaking performance after another. They are constantly building the choral repertoire through commissions of new pieces by some of the best composers of our day. They are champions of new music!
The group has shown an unwavering commitment to vocal masterpieces both old and new.

We are always moved by the performances of the South Bend Chamber Singers. The musical works and their interpretations are thought-provoking. It is impossible not to be struck by the intensity of the vocalists under Nancy Menk’s strong direction.
The Chamber Singers are one of the true gems of our community, an invaluable artistic asset.

Carol and Scott Russell

Kalamazoo, MI

We drive 3 hours to hear the South Bend Chamber Singers perform music we know will be varied, imaginative, musically stimulating and wonderful to hear. These musicians are gifted and we love to listen to their programs!
Ronald and Barbara Robbins

Munster, Indiana

The Chamber Singers is an elite choral group that is respected by the entire community. It is led by an extremely skilled and talented director who has a knack for bringing out the very best in its members. The attention to detail is unmatched. The individual members represent varied careers, ages and backgrounds and, when assembled as a team, produce magnificent music. I’ve always appreciated The SB Chamber Singers for their innovative, refreshing programming ~ performing the well-loved classics as well as new works or “less discovered” works from the past. The standard of performance has always been, in my experience, as good as it gets! The SB Chamber Singers will always have my support and I’m sure that of the community as well.
Andrea Mather-Stow

South Bend, Indiana

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